Elokance Elo 1300
Elokance Elo 1300

Elo 1300, PA Package (Sub + Satellite) from Elokance.

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romarchitek 06/29/2012

Elokance Elo 1300 : romarchitek's user review

«  price / quality ratio extraaa! »

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J have sold my warefedale system composed of two boxes + 2 speakers (the series evpX15) m to buy a 1300 Elo system 1week ago.
No no I'm disappointed because I wanted a system feels more, smaller compact and easier to install for use as back at our parties. (I'm organic / free party dj and has brought us out of facades of 20KW)
I have not used bcp back of other system like this because we normally use the full range Cerwin Vega Intense INT-252, I have been played qd mm Power Works on return but lacked power.

At least: the bars are not good at all, there's a good game but once installed the speakers do not move, the weight of the boxes (ok there is an amplifier myself in the ass but it is getting a relatively heavy wear (heureusmeent buddies are ^ ^) had the rest .....

THE positive level: very good sound, precise and clear treble mm has low volume, bass and dynamics round, the agreement power low / medium treble is very well balanced finish "type" HK is treated, we feel that we aa make a good level of equipment of the unpacking of cattle, the ability to evolve the system (c is a real plus to start in good condition according to its original budget) to result in larger but staying on a identical system. THE price is remarkable compared to the record, finishing and power!

J got a lot of hesitation and doubt about this brand because it is on the market recently but when I listen to the system j in store and saw the product of my ca me right away confirmed in my choice.
On C is that there is no audio in HK (the price too ;)) but ELOKANCE offer a product of good range, powerful, easy to implement with a good finish (putting a hand embellished bars for the satellites) a possibility of changing and restoring a clear and powerful sound!

I can only advise you to go see for yourself the capacity of these same products for I am fully satisfied,
I come to you in months pr qq give you my feelings when has the durability and quality of the product!