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JimboSpins 01/20/2013

Fender Passport 500 Pro : JimboSpins's user review

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The Fender Passport 500 Pro is a portable PA system that has a clear sound and worked well for all of our live applications. It is an 8 channel system that allows you to record your live performances right to a USB drive, it does record in a high quality too. This was one of the main reasons that I decided to purchase this system. I needed a way to record multiple live sessions from my live band and my DJ sets. Its recording mode records in high quality WAV format that is ready to be played back on any system. This was a huge selling point for me when deciding to get a new portable PA system. Now I can record all of my live sets and put them on CD’s for friends and family and down the road I will be selling copies.
Setting this system up was very easy, it is just like most all of the PA systems out there. You just need to make sure you take good care of it when transporting it from place to place because it does not seem to be very durable and I think one bad drop could end the life of the Passport 500.
But the Pro 500 is actually pretty light, it is lighter than the earlier model of the Passport that came out years ago. It is ideal for smaller bands or DJ’s that need to have a portable system with them at all times to play and record with.
The fact that I can just stick in my USB drive and record my live show is amazing to me. The other way I use to record out live set involved a whole different system (outside of the one we were using already as our PA). This was difficult because it was more like carrying two different systems in and out of clubs. It was a huge headache for use having to do that and having the Passport 500 now makes travel life a little easier.