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belbeze 11/04/2010

Fender Passport 500 Pro : belbeze's user review

«  For home only - for a con trick transportable »

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I use it for 3 months.
I tried a lot of stuff to sound, but it's not true style of this stuff

Algeria and really portable (my wife has a part with May and the scores of the other:))
recording on a simple USB key!
Very simple to use
The reverberation can be used

It's not powerful at all, unless a hi-fi: (
The sound is low and without grain-free .. it is clear that a subwoofer can amliorer things
No panoramic entries. Basically it would be mono ca the same thing

My wife sings in a vocal ensemble, wanted to "hear" and register. As they are 6 there was ca. So at the time of purchase I told myself that I can sting him for the sound to the singer of my band in bars (even in crappy 500 watt, I am not jazz blues mtal) .... m'viterai and has to carry the big sound in small places. Ben will not be possible. The max volume can not sing with a drummer a little nervous I'm not sure it happens more than keeping a 100db sound without saturation!. It's really a tool to work ....

People complain a lot that do not have jack inputs Preamp is true, but just go on with possibly a XLR adapter XLR jack 9.

How do you report qualitprix?
The question is meaningless since it is an almost unique product, the quality of construction is good, It looks solid, but it is very (too) limited.

With exprience, you do again this election? ...
I suggested my wife to return home while ToTo, she said no I keep that is exactly what I need to work (sic) so it looks like it may be yes! But I will have it sent back