LD Systems MAUI 28
LD Systems MAUI 28
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LD Systems MAUI 28 : Anonymous 's user review


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I use it for a few days.

Buy the Bundle maui with protective cover and two cables for 855 euros

thomman home.

And it's cheap to pay what it is.

MAUI LD before (it is called, if Af dailleurs could correct the name ...)

I did try the Bose L1, because y 'is not a ton of this stuff, so I can compare that with the Bose L1.

It's not complicated, it's sound quality level as well as an L1 last generation with two subwoofer, which all must cost in Euro 3000!

At the beginning I intended to start on a compact L1, which costs a little more expensive, and fortunately I discovered this product, because the quality issue and its power is much higher.

Not to mention the quality of material, the L1 is too beucoup plastoc to my taste, it's the beefy! Nothing to do.

I'm not trying to denigrate Bose, but frankly I do not know if their monopoly on this type of sound, which makes their prices, but it is very very expensive, it will be necessary to review a lower.

For other similar products, there is the virtues of FBT series, the K Array KB1, I do not know, I have to Fbt I know it's good, it must surment do but it is more expensive , same for the KB1.

HK also has one but at the same price as the Bose and HK I try lots of their product, I never AIM sound ... but to see.

I think for the price quality ratio LD is currently the best available.

Well on my tests it was done on the music I make, so acoustic guitar with microphone in front of the guitar and singing.

So for a DJ and music maker, I know nothing of what it can give and I have nothing to do.

I test my guitar 1M50 up to 12 meters, with all the odds, bluffing and that the sound is very clear is defined egal.evidamment when battery is in the axis of the column is slightly stronger (like the Bose).

I'll be right to find the frequency medium was removed for my guitar, and the sound is crazy like I was without a microphone, sometimes I even take away from my front, to check, so j 'had the impression to be acoustic.

My guitar luthier is perfectly restored, and it has a micro 150E and 260E has a table.

Yes there is no mixer integrmais me it suits me, I already have a table ... which I habitupuis if it is to pay more for a kind of tonemach ...

Question transport, installation, saving space etc.ben ca change completely to a traditional sound, it's happiness.

Here, therefore, for those seeking this type of product, before buying a Bose L1 or another, try it on Maui LD systems, you could save a lot of money!