Akai Professional APC40

APC40, PAD Controller from Akai Professional in the APC series.

sw80 10/09/2012

Akai Professional APC40 : sw80's user review

« buy it and use it carefully  »

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If you are an Ableton Live user then you need to go out and buy the AKAI Professional APC 40 as soon as you can, it is a USB based controller that has a total of 109 different buttons! 9 different faders and a cross fader and it is compatible with Macs and PC’s. This is the best performance controller for Ableton Live by far in to me.

The APC 40 is made to use with performing, if you need hands on control over Ableton Live then you must have the APC40, there is also an APC 20 which is about 100 dollars cheaper but it is missing some pretty key functions. On the APC 40 there are a total of 40 clip triggers a cross fader, tap temp and 16 knobs. The APC40 is easy to set up and its plug and play so if you are a live performer you will have no problem showing up, plugging in and start rocking the house effortlessly. Because this is made for Ableton Live the set up process could not be quicker, it basically does all the work for your when installing.

Outside of all of the cool features of the APC 40, there is a huge issue with it. The problem is that it is not well built at all. The knobs are very cheap and will break off if you use it a lot and travel with it a lot. I don’t see this unit lasting someone who uses it a lot and travels with it, more than 6 months without it falling apart. If you do lose a knob or two it will not make the APC40 stop working but it will or could affect your performance and most definitely the look of the APC40 with missing knobs. Also the “nudge” button isn’t well but. Seems like if you put a little to much stress on it changing tempo’s then eventually it will come off and not hold up for you.

The APC 40 is a must have but use it with caution and don’t be surprised if you take it somewhere to perform and come home with missing knobs and buttons.