Korg nanoPAD2
Korg nanoPAD2

nanoPAD2, PAD Controller from Korg in the nano series.

stompboxjon 10/02/2012

Korg nanoPAD2 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Korg nanoPAD2 can either come in white or black, it is a Drum Pad Controller that has 16 pads on it that are all velocity sensitive. NanoPAD2 connects to your computer via USB and it is very easy to install and set up. The price of the nanoPAD2 is very competitive and sets it apart from other similar drum pads. The way that the PAD2 response is way different and better than the original nanoPAD did, it is a lot faster. On this model there is also a new function that is for gates/arps right on the nanoPAD2.

The Korg nanoPAD2 does not have any other connections except for USB, there are no MIDI ins or outs and no pedal inputs. You will need service pack 3 if you are on windows XP and it will run on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are on a Mac you just need OS 10.4 or higher to run the Korg nanoPAD2. The unit is very light and well built, it is small enough to take around with you in your carry bag or laptop case.

I have been using the Korg nanoPAD2 since last fall, I purchased it after I got rid of my Akai midi keyboard with the drum pads on it, so I still wanted something for my drum pads and decided to go with the Korg nanoPAD2. It has worked great since the day that I got it and has never gave me any issues using it on my Windows Vista system. Depending on which software you use it with will decide on how you set It up. You will probably need to refer to the manual to figure that out. I have been using it with Reason and a few times with FL Studio and it has worked great with both of them, I have also seen people use it with Ableton and Cubase so it seems to be a pretty universal drum pad controller all for a low price.