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PAD Controllers user reviews

  • Akai MPD24

    Akai MPD24 - "Almost perfect."


    What I like most about the MPD 24 is the super great feeling knobs on this machine. I know that the most important aspect should be the pads, but I will get to those. The knobs are endless encoders and feel like they belong on a unit three times th…

  • Akai MPD24

    Akai MPD24 - "Quality Product. Good Choice. "


    Great for bangin out some drums, samples, or whatever you choose to put on the pads. It’s even a pretty useful midi controller when you take advantage of the faders and knobs. I got a great product for the price, which isn’t too bad either. …

  • Akai APC40

    Akai APC40 - moosers's review


    The Akai APC40 is a unique MIDI controller that's designed for use with Ableton Live. Ableton is a DAW that's becoming more and more popular and for good reason as it's really intuitive and easy to use for creating music in the box. The APC40 makes…

  • Akai MPD26

    Akai MPD26 - "Amazing value for its price"


    Akai's MPD 26 follows in the same footsteps as the MPD 26 with excellent pad sensitivity. The MPD26 features authentic MPC pads, therefore it provides music production enthusiasts with the genuine feel of Akai's flagship MPC sampler series. Features …

  • Akai MPD18

    Akai MPD18 - "Good item for beginners."


    The MPD18 is an Akai made MIDI Control Surface compatible with all the softwares out there. It's composed of 16 sensitive pads to play the notes, a fader that changed the MIDI send sound, a "Full Level" button that allows you to play the pads at full…

  • Korg nanoPAD

    Korg nanoPAD - PandemoniumAsylum's review


    Out of order after four months. A scandal. Reactivity of pads should be improved. …

  • Korg PadKONTROL

    Korg PadKONTROL - "Korg padKontrol"


    Since I started to write and perform with Ableton Live, I felt the need to acquire more and more MIDI controller devices. The Korg padKontrol grabbed my eye because of its compact size and its very helpful features. I paid only $180 for this MIDI co…

  • Novation Launchpad

    Novation Launchpad - moosers's review


    Novation's LaunchPad is a USB and MIDI based controller for Ableton Live software. It was designed by both Ableton and Novation, and only will work with Ableton since it's specifically designed for it. It's designed to be used for live shows to giv…

  • M-Audio Trigger Finger

    M-Audio Trigger Finger - moosers's review


    M-Audio's Trigger Finger is a MIDI controller in the form of a drum machine set of pads. It is designed for those who want the a feel of an MPC type of drum pad, but who want to use sounds from your computer, virtual instruments, and/or modules. Th…

  • Novation Launchpad

    Novation Launchpad - songboy's review


    What I like most about this device is it puts Ableton's Session view launch capabilities into a physical, easily accessible midi controller.  I have not used any of the Akai APC units, but this thing seems to be the perfect answer for anyone who uses…