Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951
Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951

Tube Ultra-Q T1951, Parametric EQ from Behringer.

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U-FLYstudio 11/26/2004

Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Dual mono EQ without link function, 4 fully parametric bands with tube output circuit, whose level can be adjusted. XLR I/O, possibility of shelving or bell filters for the upper and lower bands, while the other two mid bands are only bell. Bypass per channel, power switch on the front panel, input gain per channel, VUmeters.


The pots are very small, but with a very nice feel. They are detented, which simplifies copying the settings to the other channel. The rack is pretty heavy and looks quite nice, even if the finish quality can't be compared to the super stars in the genre: TLA Summit, Avalon, Manley...


It's a very interesting product, rightly in the mid-range category. Admittedly better than some plug-ins and mixer EQs for home studio. You can perceive a warmth recalling more expensive products, the output tube is interesting, the EQ is quite precise, but it's in the depth where you can tell a difference in relation to the big names.
With the Behringer you can feel a very real processing but the depth is a bit horizontal, you have the impression of a nice color but with a fairly narrow depth.


Don't think you're getting the equivalent of 2 Fearn VT4 when you buy a T 1951, but I was nevertheless surprised by the quality of the unit, given its price. Very good signal-to-noise ratio, rather versatile EQ and effective tube output circuit for an entry-level diagram
I think it's interesting to record amps, percussions and piano.
And when you are looking for a decent EQ and see the price of the 1951, it's hard not to take it seriously, even if the sound is far from being that of a real tube circuit.

Arnaud Houpert
Plastok Studio