Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496
Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496

Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496, Parametric EQ from Behringer.

tgir2 11/29/2004

Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496 : tgir2's user review


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DSP numrique converters 24bits/96.4Khz
Main functions:
Graphic Equaliser
Equalizer paramtrique
Filters (anti feedback, rumble etc ...)
limiter / compressor / expander
Pan / Image width stro
etc ...
Connectivity symtrique / asymtrique in / out via XLR
auxiliary output jacks in supplmentaire 6.35
numrique connection in / out via S / PDIF or AES / EBU
Connection midi in / trough / out
Coax connection in wordclock

Résumé in many functions and connectivity complte (just missing a connection in / out jack in complte 6.35).


The device is simple enough to use from the moment we have a minimum of knowledge. For others it must be rfrer the manual (available online at Behringer) that could be clearer in his explanations.
The software is flashable through the behringer. The updates are hassle free over-the afternoon.


Question sounds, frankly, I'm surprised enjoyable. The circuits are particulirement neutral (AKM converters are certainly something). Provided they do not ask the moon, it provides simple solutions when it comes to rsoudre a problem too complicated rgler. Considering the features, it is more orient sound mixing studio that, but given both its transparency, it can also be used in home studio as complment.
I also work as seen on hi-fi equalizer or as a converter on CD players.
Personally, I use it as an insert on my console tascam, and frankly in this crneau price it has no competitor.


I use it now for 1 year. For now I am quite pleased.
What j'apprcie most:
- The paramtrique equalizer that allows you to select the bandwidth and install filters.
- The memory 60 users
- The soft flashable
- The principle of the box tools "all in one"
What j'apprcie the least:
- A small bug in a software compressor functions (the software does not keep in memory the SETTING THE "release"). It seems that the pb has disappeared in the latest version of the software but I have not had time to to download.
Fawn any compression eh .....

In résumé without replacing the device DDIS professionals trs (trs and Chres), a "small" unit "do everything right" both transparent and effective