Dangerous Music Stereo BAX EQ
Dangerous Music Stereo BAX EQ

Stereo BAX EQ, Parametric EQ from Dangerous Music.

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amalys 05/11/2011

Dangerous Music Stereo BAX EQ : amalys's user review

«  The nectar »

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Dangerous curves was inspired shelving "Baxandall" of the 60s and 70s to create a model of modern high-fidelity equalizer for mastering and sound recording.


Very simple


The nectar


At first, I tested it upon its release in 2010 for my chain mastering.J 'I wanted to look at Massive Passive, it has nothing to see is a shelving. It is almost transparent. It adds a button invisible but indispensable to the sound. 94hz to 116Hz or with a boost of 0.5 or 1db, he fills the stockings with a beautiful but discrete presence.
It is therefore complemented by another eq, it does not subsitutions.
That's the kind of eq. that one wonders what he brings as his, and when you put it in bypass, there is something missing, an indescribable magic.
So if you expect me to start as a big whoah! This is not the eq but if you're looking for a cream that gives you that little boost in your magic mix. This is it
It works of course in tone shaper, ie it Rebalance the spectral balance of your mix without distorting it. Mix your lack of bass? A boost of 1dB at 116hz and a low of-1dB at 4.1 Hz and give you a nice round softening of agressité (for example)
So actually in January 2011 that I made my friend on this every since mastering.
This jewel is surprisingly little known in France while in the U.S. major studios have acquired this machine.