Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost
Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost

ParaEq w/Boost, Parametric equalizer pedal from Empress Effects.

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BoooooL 04/15/2012

Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost : BoooooL's user review

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Effects pedal for guitar or bass, parametric equalizer. Made in Canada. Only works on sector (food not included).


Configuration nor too simplistic or too complicated for my taste:

Three different bands, low gain (35Hz to 500Hz) mid gain (from 250Hz to 5KHz) and Hi gain (1KHz to 20KHz) each with a three position switch to select the Q (0.5, 1.5 and 3), a knob to select the frequency to change, and a second knob for the cut / boost this frequency range from-15dB to +15 dB. Added to this is a knob for the boost from General 0 dB to 30 dB, and a three position switch to adjust the input level of the pedal (normal,-12dB or-6dB) to settle among other potential saturation problems untimely (which I have so far not found). The pedal footswitchs also includes two, one for bypass or not the equalizer, and the other for switching on / off the boost.

Recommended for use with a 9v DC adapter, but easily modified to work with a 24v or 12v adapter (I think), everything is explained in the manual.

While all of these settings can seem complicated at first glance, I was surprised to find a more convincing that not even five minutes, so yes, I find it rather easy to use. The manual is also sufficiently clear and detailed for my taste.


I use it on a Jazzbass 50th anniversary of an Ampeg SVT VR.
I was looking for an equalizer to allow me to compensate for more than simplistic régalages (gain, treble, bass) of the second channel of my amp which does not allow me to get the sound I wanted, without distorting the sound of my amp or my bass. So I needed an equalizer as transparent as possible, and this time, I'm not disappointed at all unlike those I've tried before this one (Boss GEB-7, MXR M108, EQ Programmable Audio Source .. .), if I put all the Cut / Boost to 0 and I switched the pedal, the sound is absolutely not altered, not the least breath, nothing. Also allow the settings to really work in detail.


I use it for two weeks, so my opinion is quite fresh, I'll try to update it in a while if need be, but for now I am infinitely more excited than any other EQ pedals that I've tested. Good, prices were not really the same either, but it's worth it.

Strengths: Transparency of the pedal, the boost general can be very useful, accurate adjustments.

Weakness: "click" very unpleasant as it passes through the amp when I activate the footswitch of the equalizer (nothing to report for that of the boost), I think I have not had any luck and it does should not normally be the case with other pedals ... I take off a point for that, without this slight concern, it would be perfect for me.

Too early to say whether or not I do it again this choice.