TC Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer
TC Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer

Dual Parametric Equalizer, Parametric equalizer pedal from TC Electronic.

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archaos 04/22/2009

TC Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer : archaos's user review


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Parametric EQ, analog, legendary, made by a manufacturer but also legendary!

Audio Connections simple: INPUT / OUTPUT jacks by 6.35 mm.

To power: either the battery 9 V / a PSU. external 9-32 VDC, with 3.5 mm jack.


To use, you must first know what you want to do, otherwise it is not easy to "fall" on the transcendent settings ...

That said, the manual is extremely useful in connection with setting examples he provides, ex. How to bring shine to a signal, how to give punch to a weak signal, how to add presence, how to create the overdrive / distortion ...


This case, because needless to say, this is not a pedal, since it has no switch that activates it with his foot, has great potential.

In fact, I use it with a guitar, but it can be used for applications in the studio or on stage with a sound system ...

In all cases, the sound is excellent.


I have one for 3 years, and it became a fetish object.

Even if his power is not very standard (as on the pedals BOSS) is a toy that keeps vintage.

It is found only on the second hand market ', and usually not cheap, but worth it when compared to other products from other manufacturers, which shall remain nameless ...

Moreover, it is incomparable.

I think I'll buy a 2nd, if I get the chance.