Alesis Monitor One
Alesis Monitor One

Monitor One, Passive Monitor from Alesis in the Monitor One series.

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Jeldora 02/26/2007

Alesis Monitor One : Jeldora's user review


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Features: see data.
Usage: Small Home Studio ...
Configuration: I think the amp is best for these speakers is the RA150 from the same manufacturer. I use it behind a small table Behringer EURORACK MX802A, home itself a Korg Triton LE, a Macbook with an external card Creative (from meeerde) and a small CD player Denon.


The frequency curve is relatively neutral in its price range of course. However, it is a pleasure to see that small blocks like these may sound as clean out the whole spectrum, although it lacks a little depth. Stereo sound, bass that does not drool, only the acute stay may be a little strident. But with a good set upstream, quickly corrected ...

In fact, from a minimum of time on the set upstream, we get very quickly a perfect sound for the use to which the Monitor One is intended.


I use them for almost 5 years and I've never had any problems with. Small problem though: the protection of the corners are glued, and come off after a few months. Result: you end up with small guards who walk around the room, and when one wants to pick up, it does not ... Note also the membrane of the tweeter is extremely fragile, especially not to touch.

For the rest, at that price, it's really a very good job, clean and precise. Going straight to the point: for the budget is one of the best choices. Alesis Monitor One trio Alesis RA150 + + Behringer EURORACK MX802A will cost you currently less than 400 euros (close to 300 if you're doing well), for my part is what I have and it is well suited to Use "student (ie broke) passion" of mine.