Dynaudio BM15
Dynaudio BM15

BM15, Passive Monitor from Dynaudio in the BM series.

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corte 10/05/2008

Dynaudio BM15 : corte's user review

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A woofer diameter according to my room and, since I have a good amp, I didn't see the need for an active model.
I use them as monitoring speakers for my creations with Ableton Live.


Fortunately, the manufacturer includes foams to mute the vents because they have a bit too much presence, but the foams limit the level a bit. In my opinion they should be cut in half to have the right balance, unless you are close to the walls.
But its the mids that make me most unhappy, they are very shy, they just don't come through. That's where my letdown comes from. I'm disappointed compared to Genelec and the tapco S8. The highs are discreet and of good quality.


I kept them two months, after several comparatives and listening tests. They are quality speakers that handle power pretty well, but they lack that little something. Technically, a woofer with a smaller diameter would've help keep a better overall balance. So be careful with the use you want o give them. They are OK for electronic music or high-volume listening, but watch out if you use them for accurate vocals, for example.