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camillecarte 03/31/2007

KRK 9000B : camillecarte's user review


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First of all, I for my part tried the active model (Bi-amplified, in any case the passive model can not be the better especially if they are followed by a tube amp ..;)

namely for the future, the rest of the stuff the studio was quite ... M200 lexicon reverb, compress DBX, Manley tube preamp, an old A & H console (one of jai forgot the reference) with little correction but that size if it is necessary, and ... short of good

Until yesterday, I knew that Krk name (reputation) until the sweet vibration of air come éfleurer typans my ...

The krk9000b are of incomparable precision, bottom mid to top end they do not forgive! This is not a toy like the majority-language Genelec (without wanting to take the law myself, depending on their means ...)

What I mean by that is they are put in the hands of people who have already had experience with the mix. I take the slightest error proportions (one understands their accuracy)

only problem, the low end is not very accurate. For example, yesterday I mixais with two friends a jazz quartet (C-bass (di Avalon), battery (GC, CC, OHsKm184), piano (couple KM184), sax (cell Wed.) After 2-3h "job" which we were well satisfied, have decided to listen to the mix on a pair of Genelec: and there, surprise! mix is ​​found drowned in a vast ocean of 40-80Hz but the rest does not move (if we mute the C. Bass)! after another hour of hard mix, we finally arrived to find a balance in the low end but a little to "blindly" by juggling between our two pair of listening. The result is surprising, dynamics that we had at the time of the mix is ​​found largely operated on a hi-fi system to the honest carfour Salon dad.

The 9000B Krk are difficult to ring, but if it does, it will be my same everywhere! Is not that what we seek when we make a mix??
(Otherwise, I recommend the use of a sub to work at low frequencies)

They are expensive but affordable, we find very little (or too little)! and for good reason, which have not tried one day have probably never separated!

Acquisition to eyes closed!

Ps: oh yeah, they work just as well at low level, which is not the case for all pair of monitors!
A read me, you would think that I am representative for krk but above all it fesai long as I had not been so pleasantly surprised!



I know of has currently no monitoring system with a frequency response neutral (unless you have a ten thousandth of the budget, and again ...) but after the 1000th I think this is not the highest point important.

The thing is that if you did a good job, the stereo image is huge, is sound is big, pumped up, so precise and clear. With a bonus, a dynamic of thunder ... short, Whoua!

Excellent element!


Value for money? um, Laiser me think ... uh ... exellent?