Soundcraft Spirit Absolute Zero
Soundcraft Spirit Absolute Zero

Spirit Absolute Zero, Passive Monitor from Soundcraft in the Spirit series.

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David coco 03/17/2004

Soundcraft Spirit Absolute Zero : David coco's user review


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I use Absolute Zero for my home studio for 5 years
Their look and their price made me crack!


The sound is neutral and to have a good return of Stereo image, you have to place them in space as all the speakers ...
In sound and dynamics, there are better, there are much better ... but more expensive!


Unlike what some may think, the Absolute Zero of SPIRIT are related to qualitprix unbeatable on the market!
If it is empty they do not play in the same CATEGORY Gnlec that they have not the same price ... It is also noted that this are not pregnant lounge, and that their neutrality is an indispensable asset to any homestudiotiste wants to make progress in the mix and not in the hearing of his masturbation compos!
Oh no, I'm not an apology for Absolute zero, but it is again the speakers are more than adequate relative price, and I also noted that there are more upscale MODELS at the manufacturer that have nothing to envy Gnlec. If you do not like Zros, go to the Absolute One or Two! ! !