Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
dilhoo 06/27/2005

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : dilhoo's user review


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It's been six months that I have my NS10.Je bought them used.
The CHARACTERISTICS, everyone knows: no bass below 70Hz (do a test with a signal generator and you will see that they fall quickly!), A medium of shears, and giving good highs information about the reverbs.
All this is to use a home studio, and capture all concert.Le Plugg in a nad amp (C320 BEE.De the ball !!!!)


The sound dchire!!
It took me four months to buy my speakers and I have a dozen of which cost six intensively (because they fell within my budget). Effectivment against the current fashion of the NS10 speakers sound "weird" . But no flattery here! Of transitional dgomment all! Absent on some of the reverbs pregnant suddenly appear! For magique.Pour voice is the snare too.
Very good image stro.
To properly account for their sound listen with a good cd of 70s (a good gainsbourg style, with good low round well), or pieces that are transcending the NS10 "tearjerker" in red hot and "everything in icts right place" by Radiohead.


I did a comparative listening for two hours with Adam NF10 (strange similarity in the name), the Dynaudio BM6 passive, of Westlake 6.75. The Adam's a very original compress with soft spikes, the M6 ​​have a medium as accurate as NS10, and Westlake seemed flattering in the upper midrange and treble.
Also, I had many opportunities to work with Genelec 1030 and tannoyrevel assets. I personally hate the Genelec (must buggers in the treble and high mids to be sure to not run out on the stereo, and suddenly it rips off the head!) and tannoy seem questionable in the low mids and bottom.
Now everything depends on what you like and what you are going to dub faire.Du or tech, go your chemin.Du ILRS garage rock, they are done!! Jazz, it's marchent.Meme classic (for the violins is the top! and piano in many acute slamming).
I personally desteste the current sound speakers (Mackie, Genelec, Tannoy ...) with little sharp mids and too low.
I love his late 60s, 70s and early 80s (such as garage rock that smells of sweat!).
Now I'm not saying the other speakers are bad: just know a pair of love. Knowing how to work with (with the NS10 I take no risks with low, there is a lot of cutting down on tracks to avoid the parasites not heard in 55 hz).
Report qualitprix exceptional.

I redo the choice right now (and if ever they become stranded I redeemed right away!)