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Behringer Digital Snake S16
Behringer Digital Snake S16

Thread Behringer S16 Digital Snake as a stand-alone breakout enquiry

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1 Behringer S16 Digital Snake as a stand-alone breakout enquiry
Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have an enquiry on a Behringer product but I have found it really difficult to contact anyone in technical support at Behringer.

I am looking at purchasing 2 x Behringer S16 Digital Breakout Boxes. We have a Soundcraft Ui16 on a Cruise Ship in an amp room, and we need to extend the inputs to an external stage. The issue is cable runs, so could we use an S16 on stage, feed this back to the amp room over one Cat6, then use an S16 in the amp room to hard wire its outputs into the inputs of the Ui16? And would this give us 8 x inputs, without any additional gear needed?

One option at first was using two of the Sound Tools Cat Racks, however these would take too long to arrive from the US. And the Ui16 has to be used as there will be no technicians on this Ship hence no real FOH position, just operated over tablet by the musicians themselves.

Kind Regards,