Acer TravelMate c300
Acer TravelMate c300

TravelMate c300, PC Laptop from Acer.

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spectre1 01/22/2006

Acer TravelMate c300 : spectre1's user review


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Well, j'espre it is more "solid" as the TravelMate C300 (Tablet PC).

APRS 2 years of use
- Lots of keys (not forcment most used) are
- Button is held down causing bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
- Painting places o based hand wipes
- Latch (step / body pc) no longer closes,
- Small round rubber situs on the edge of the notch dcolls
- Ditto for the "feet" (supports) under the situs pc
- "Cover" the axis on which the screen rotates dcollbr /> - poor contact between screen and the rest when using the PC based "tablet".

and I had in mind! As against the "indoor" no complaints!

Yet I have IBM Thinkpad for 3 years which has seen none of the PBS.

My next will not be an Acer, for sure!