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hallucinoze 09/30/2006

Aardvark Direct Pro LX6 : hallucinoze's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I chose it after hearing a demo of 24/96 in a store,
at the time it cost 7000 francs in SCV, 3500 in the U.S. ...
the four simultaneous inputs, 6 output fit me well.
shielding of the PCI card and the block of steel connections reassuring.
I record mostly synths and samplers, but increasingly, guitars
acoustic and electric percussion, vocals.
I tested the microphones with Shure BG4 are, Berhinger B2 pro, Rode NT1, Supelux SMKH8K.
the signal passes first through a tube preamp.
output is a direct attack linked to Crown D75A Tannoy S800.


What normal installation,
configuration request to read the documentation to get into advanced uses:
repatcher as audio streams fontions needs.
snoring is a bit like that, but it is simple to implement.
The map includes reverb, EQ and compression, it is free to Save the signal without effect (hopefully) and to monitor these effects (for a singer for example).
the manual is complete, ok.
Sturdy box, functional.
headphone that deposit.


There is no update for a while (V7.13)
but it works!
Not compatible with Win media player, it works irregularly. (Home)
For Cubase, wavelab normal, without unwanted crash, same as the hosts VST.
I have a PC Intel 2.6c optimized for music (SCSI, 1GB ram Corsair ...)___ 4ms latency.


I've had 2001.pas failure. it is pretty rough ...
I waited a long time (with a SBLive amended), a card is good value for money.
jai had a DMX 6fire 24/96 (not bad) still appreciate the difference
the sound seems more solid, not very smooth.
I appreciate his transparency, (I have relatively good listen)
sobriety, (my wood)
damage that it is so expensive, I'm afraid that the brand goes out ... CF Ensoniq
Well, the box closed ... The Q10 will sell out?
at the time, it was very expensive, there was no choice today, my preference would have the firewire today.
for trading on € 200 used, it's terrible to have access to a device that very seriously, with its square bon.les Americans are not poets (in industry).