Edirol DA-2496
Edirol DA-2496

DA-2496, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Edirol.

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Markknopfler84 12/09/2003

Edirol DA-2496 : Markknopfler84's user review


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I was looking for a card finally srieuse (APRS Isis ... the episode) and the points at which I was paying attention to my choice taient as follows:
Entr 2 XLR phatntom 2 instrument inputs, 4 inputs + 8 outputs, two MIDI ports and many sr's inputs and outputs analog coax and optical.
While the PCI card.
I Charches card "Midas is worry-free" level drivers, got the day and I found. Especially I would not be limited in number of tracks, latency etc ... My choice fell on this map.
I use it to make audio models (I did not used almost noon, except qqes VSTi) with a variable number of tracks.
I have a P4 2.8 ghz with hyperthreading FSB800 (imitation of a Bi ... whether a processor provides REALLY) 1 GB Ram Asus P4 Danelec on a P800 with a 80 GB IDE HDD 133 (not SCSI, and yet no PB) for audio.
IT CAN BE USED I especially Sm following the microphones 58, Beta 57, Rode NT 1000 (electrostatic).
With a couple prsonus BLUETUBE on inputs 3-4 (+ box a rhythm Alesis SR 16).
All on XP Home (no PB)
Wish I could have two XLR inputs and more .... a lot and finally c coupled with a lamp just pramp


Absolutely no problem!
Installation is no ppin under Reserved utlise the latest drivers for XP though sr.

Possibly only catch: to hear the "sound windows" (like the little "click" of Internet Explorer when changing page), must be the frquence of chantillonage on RULES "Rate Locked" in 44KHz. And in cubase, it can not find that frquence if this option is engaged. For rate locked off against if => cubase nickel => no sound windows
I had many falls they tend mnerver sounds windows. And it was not really the purpose of mao.


I bought a month ago some prs (TFW a little more .... I know I'm too dbord right now by my ASRP) and all I can say is that it's the bomb!
Not a single crash, I get zero or latency of 1 ms depending on the project, the headphone output gives no breath (as the other outputs), the acquisition is excellent, and I must say that I even pramps find the best card that my Blue Tube lamps.
I have not had time to push the creature back, but at least 10 tracks at 24 bits buffers with 96 88 (= 1 ms), absolutely no problem. There's my view of the margin!
J'ustilises ASIO 2 drivers, but I entendur that for the EASI Logic gave even better perfs.
Really for me, the combination of 2 XLR inputs + 2 pramp lamps on other inputs, 4 inputs + 8 outputs and the remaining is nickel chrome!
The drivers are stable (I have the Isis forcment therefore account for me!).
No problem with installation (strictly no!).


For me it's rvlation, it folds all my will (except to provide me with the Shur Pensa MK I DSIR for so long, and it does not Coffee Maker) Obviously for more expensive but can be more things like abortion 4 XLR inputs.
I have yet aps russian metter in default, but if I would come from cel.
Personal www.Musicstorekoeln.de 500 euros at, or slightly in France (towed good stores Mao ....) Oooops no ads ... it is worry free!