ESI Wami Rack 192X
ESI Wami Rack 192X

Wami Rack 192X, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from ESI.

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Web-bros 11/12/2002

ESI Wami Rack 192X : Web-bros's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS The main card is to provide 4 pr-amp microphone with phantom power supply and to allow recordings in 24/192 (Nuendo and WaveLab 4.0)
This is to eliminate the use of a mixer. It works well.

I tested on a small machine in the first place: PIII 500 Mhz, 512 RAM and SCSI HDD U2W, the motherboard is an ABIT, Intel. Worry-free installation and configuration.
I used the XLR outputs (Genelec 1029), and in between XLR SHURE SM 58 with a base. The dynamic input-output is good


Windows XP Home / Pro and no problem of installation and config.
My computer is being ddi computer music, no incompatibility has appeared, no conflict.
The configuration is quite comfortable as the panel of the card is rather easy, there is even a virtual patch for managing the internal cabling flexible enough.


The drivers appear to be stable, I have RALIS test records and I have not any dcrochement.
However, they are not flexible trs (as opposed to patch virtual), but the bottom line is that we can trust them in matters of stability which is of course VITAL.
The latency test is 128 buffer (3 ms) for recording and 64 (1.5) for playback.
With PIII 500, read pure can do 24 tracks at 32 bits / 96 kHz while maintaining the fluid in the edition. (CPU 20% and 15% in HDD CUBASE SX)


I have been using a small couple of weeks and I find that the four pre-amp microphone are
a very practical apprciable!
The report price is very good quality, although the boxes are fairly easy to assemble and the finish could be more caring ...... we can not have everything!
I would recommend this card to users who need a versatile interface (MIDI I / O, headphone and pre-amp has a budget ....) very very cool.