Seasound Soloist
Seasound Soloist

Soloist, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Seasound.

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jonfire 09/18/2004

Seasound Soloist : jonfire's user review


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The quality of the product as much as the famous and the beauty of the product
DCID me buy this marvel of technology for recording
home studio console output stereo nivo in line for machines, among
direct between the bass and also with a micro direct current config
2.8 Ghz AMD Athlon, 250megas in ram, 80gigas SD.


Installation without beug in 3 seconds with the latest driver
provided, the only incompabilit c the mp3 and she loves
compresssion files!
configuration is a sound card as child general public;
the doc is ridiculous and not the product image.


The drivers are untouchables, desperately single;
the card is completely independent so the drivers,
c with just the standard drivers are no longer PC.les
hlas been days ...
I use Logic Audio only;
latency is 8ms;
That a track I only records the time since I have not
expander option.


A year of good and loyal cooperation
a must, a c entreddie guitars
(Or electric bass) c all settings
front panel of nivo, nivo output
nivo headphone, nivo monitoring, we do not feel
to work on a computer! the rack is beautiful
and more;
least c of the LEDs seen that do not work
with drivers who are not complete because
the product is marketed +, but hey,
Most sound cards have no view, so
c mchant not.
I tried to bocoups MODELS, full, but that the ...
qualitprix opportunity in the report is exceptional
choice would be the same again without the arrival of nouvos
standards that make our lives easier (USB, FireWire) to
shared meaning, like if I drink a caf with my
sound card