E-MU 1616
E-MU 1616

1616, PCMCIA Soundcard from E-MU.

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El Castor (was DDNetweaver) 02/04/2007

E-MU 1616 : El Castor (was DDNetweaver)'s user review


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I was looking for an external card for my laptop, I turn to a PCMCIA port for its reliability and sound flow. And with an adapter card PCI-> PCMCIA (20 €), this card is easily mountable on a desktop PC. Finally, I chose this card for its number of inputs / outputs and S / PDIF, ADAT and AES / EBU.

I use this card to record shows in multitrack. The two preamps are perfect for a couple. The ADAT can connect to a digital console (a 01V in my case)

I have a HP NX7010 laptop: Centrino 1.6GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD
I intend to use with my set (Athlon XP 2600 +, Chipset nvidia2 and 512MB RAM Dual Channel, 80GB SD 2) for studio sessions.

I use this card on the main live.


Installation is the very definition of plug and play. One branch, you put the cd is done and next hop, it works. (A note that indicates the dock lights weird as the drivers are not installed, c normal, I do has never done)

No conflict. everything is automatic and walked the first time in my case

Configuration .. Vast subject with PatchMix .. In my case no problem, I have taken the time to study, after 2 hours I knew by heart. Make sure you take the time to start, after c happiness.

The only regret is that the manual is not provided in paper form, it is on cd in pdf ...

I put a 9 because of the manual and non PatchMix paper.


The drivers are super stable, I had no crashes since I use it
The last update date 2005, but what is it for them to update when everything works perfectly.

For now I use it with Sonar. But that risk may be changing.

Happiness is the absolute non latency (or Preska) in monitoring. The routing is hardware, PatchMix is ​​a remote, and that is of true happiness.

up to 16 tracks in reading and 16 in recording simultaneously. Never worry. The PCMCIA is used on this


I use this card from one week (I finally have a card for me ..) and what I appreciate most is the processing hardware (DSP, routing and monitoring), however, the dock has the Air fragile.

A friend 2 motu 896 firewire, but I was disappointed with the latency monitoring. I also use an ADAT card marian from time to time, but only the ADAT.

Quality / price. This is the cheapest and best. It goes beyond many cards at prices higher.

For now, I'm not disappointed, however. I recommend it to everyone.

I am looking for a reliable transportation that covers your card, but I is not found.