E-MU 1616M
E-MU 1616M

1616M, PCMCIA Soundcard from E-MU.

FP User 10/31/2008

E-MU 1616M : FP User's user review


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Wish it had second seperate headphone output. The PCMIA card was supposed to light up blue like the box does but they deaded that right before they put it on the shelf,some kind of interference problems so they left it out. Cat5 cable is bulky and only 3 meters long though an optional 10 meter one can be bought through EMU. Wish the inerface box was bus powered. Built in turntable pre is cool.

Price paid: $500.00 USD


Slight learning curve. Good manual. The DSP takes some strain off of your computer processor.Everybody complains about Patchmix but I actually like it. You can set up your own custom effect routings, session presets and trade with fellow EMU heads. Customer service is decent. The productionforums.com site will help you out if you don't understand something. Comes with a good sequencer/startup package also.


PCMIA card is just that,be careful with it. Comes with a nice carrying case for the card. The interface box seems to be nice and sturdy. Both fit nice in M-AUDIO mobile studio backpack.


Pro Tools DAC you know. Pristine. Nice preamps too.

Hasn't failed me yet. Loves me and I love it back. EMU has a tradiion of quality products. The rep proceeds. Now where can I get A SP1200 for cheap?????

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Posted by: The Tone Ranger ( 4-, 2006)