Boss LS-2 Line Selector
Boss LS-2 Line Selector

LS-2 Line Selector, Pedal/Controller from Boss.

Arayorn 08/22/2005

Boss LS-2 Line Selector : Arayorn's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This pedal is not an effect per se, but is a kind of looper, selector output, and finally use are mutiple if indeed we need in ate.

It's the Boss so no surprise it's strong! For the connection has already been said, an input for the guitar, and a Ouput Bouble two effects (A and B) but can be converted into an Input and 3 Output .... Three knobs, one volume régalge for each of the two loops and a selector for the type of closure and use.

Very easy to use, everything is very well explained in the manual anyway with a max of examples of uses!

A pedal very, very effective if it is needed, it is usually chosen for use in precise we will not have fun to change all the connections when connected! But the use can be so varied that this pedal is a true "Swiss knife", a true marvel ptite!
Personal I use to bypass my Pod A Move to the loop located between the guitar and amp.

The volume knobs are useful to adjust the levels of the two loops from the direct signal or otherwise voluntarily or moderate to boost one or the other, or both.
Note that this pedal, even if it does not have "True Bypass", is perfectly transparent when not activated.

I have recently, and I'm already hooked! this pedal is great!

It's the Boss so I am not too worried about his future and any problems I might encounter! I repeat a thousand times the same choice.
This pedal has no equivalent or competitor in the same price range, or he must go and look at the big loopers of "trick-thingy" to several hundred dollars.
Good value for money even though it's always a little bit of snap 100 Euros for a stomp box that is not really a ... LS-2 but this really simplifies life and once adopted it does not want to part with it!