Electro-Harmonix ChillSwitch
Electro-Harmonix ChillSwitch

ChillSwitch, Pedal/Controller from Electro-Harmonix.

Tsaddeous 03/07/2011

Electro-Harmonix ChillSwitch : Tsaddeous's user review

«  It does the job, no worries! »

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It cuts the signal momentarily, between the effects loop and direct connection. Connections: In / out Send / return Boss 9v power supply input type (not supplied) Place 9v power possible (the pedal comes with a battery) Pedal consumes 12.5 mA 3 switch on the pedal: The 1-switch "ENGAGE" with two positions: FX and THROUGH The 2-switch "SEND" with two positions: ON and FSW 3-The footswitch to trigger the loop or not.


Use could not be more simple. The manual clearly explains the different possibilities. Available here: https://www.ehx.com/products/killswitch/instructions

It's simple, it can cut through the effect or the effect that is plugged in between send and return. The 1-switch "ENGAGE" Depending on whether the switch "ENGAGE" is "FX" or "THROUGH" is cut or move under the loop. FX: items support the effect when the footswitch is pressed. THROUGH: Turns the effect back on when one presses on the footswitch.

The 2-switch "SEND": The switch "SEND" is a send effect in constant loop so that the effect works instantly when the switch is engaged, for example: If you have connected a delay in the loop, with the switch to "ON" signal it is sent into the delay times, the delay works, so even if you do not hear it, thereby engaged when they switch immediately to hear the sound with delay, no need to wait until the first rehearsal. The footswitch works great, even in short bursts, it's clean and the cut is clean. If you do not branch in the loop, the pedal acts as a Killswitch, cut the sound when the footswitch is engaged. This pedal has nothing to do with an LS-2, since it does not allow mixing dry / wet, it passes through the pedal plugged into the loop as if it was connected in series, not parallel as possible.


I felt no change with the sound, the pedal is transparent. I use it as a Killswitch end of the chain at the foot of my keyboard, AC avoids me having to turn down the sound of the guitar, leaving both of my hands free when I attack the guitar.


I use it for 3 weeks already and it works very well. At 38 bucks on the net, a very good quality / price ratio.

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