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Loop Master 1-Loop Micro Effect Switcher (LED Version)
Loop Master 1-Loop Micro Effect Switcher (LED Version)
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spouks spouks

«  The longer, plus it's good ... »

Publié le 03/22/12 à 03:46
Value For Money : Excellent
Loop Master is a small American company that makes custom of loopers including a number of loops from 1 to 18 (at least), the pedalboard patchers, footswitches, and lots of little things fairly simple, for most, would only not afraid to DIY enthusiasts. But as they do it well and for a reasonable price, as not to miss.

As its name suggests, the Master Loop 1-Loop Micro Effect Switcher (LED Version) is a tiny pedal thus including 4 phone plugs, switch, an LED and a power supply jack (barrel size 2.1, size classic Boss). The power supply plug is only used to power the LED and the pedal works fine without. The look could not be more sober, the pedal is not painted, however it is very well finished, it is very clean both outside and inside. The different parts are of quality. You can choose what color you want for the LED. To find out what each card, the picture above speaks for itself.

What is it for this thing? I see at least two possible cases.

1 - You have a pedal which the bypass is very rotten. Take a random Whammy, which is quite terrifying at this level. You plug it into the loop of this little bug, you leave it on permanently, and you use the Loop Master switch to enable / disable the Whammy. So you end up with a Whammy True Bypass without modif! It is in this config that I use today, with a Boss RC20XL.

2 - You want to snap or cut multiple effects together and play without too much tap dancing. Nothing is easier! You put all these effects in series in the loop, and so will Maaster Loop Master Bypass. Please do not put all your belongings in a loop like this, because if you have the cable length (more than 6m from the guitar to the amp), the absence of buffer will be felt. I always advise in these cases to a small pedal bypass with a logic and a proper buffer (like a small Boss, or something like that) outside loop, always in the signal. Obviously if all your pedals are true bypass, must purchase a buffer, but it was true before ...

For the price, this is something really practical. It is reassuring to have it on hand, it can not regret having bought a stompbox that we love her, but that eats the signal when it is cut. This is very effective if the number of pedals (buffers, to be exact) off loop is small, if like me you have a big rig of pedals is less sensitive but still crying.

The price / quality ratio is excellent, except for someone who has everything you need at home to do it himself and who has experience.

So where's the problem?

Answer: should not be pressed. At least they warn in advance, it is not taken unawares, but we must count the 3 months between order and delivery. Indeed, Master Loop only manufactures to order, just in time. They are not many (two or three at first glance) and respond to commands in chronological order, so if the guy in front of you ordered a custom thing a bit complicated, your little looper will not be made before it is finished. Once made, every object passes quality control, and then shipped. At certain times of the year it can be shorter or longer but I ran into the worst ...

I put 9 to hurry, but it really is not stealing, when you see the competition (Lehle, Banzai) who she really practice of prohibitive tariffs for some gear as simple (but in boxes twice the size). I am convinced.