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adistom 05/26/2014

TheGigRig Midi-8 : adistom's user review

«  Finished the galleys! »

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I use it since 2008, I have not tried other models because this unit has exactly all the features I need: 6 independent loops, 8 patches, midi output and a "programing" on child the same principle as the octaswitch (6 patch by small switches in position to pass on or off depending on the pedals you want to activate or not the patch) Regarding MIDI, nothing more simple each preset sends a PC (0 for the patch 1 and so on). A big plus is feeding 5ampères (5000mA) which provides power to a max of pedals. For my part I feed a TimeFactor a PitchFactor a space, NS2, an OD808 an isp decimator, a cp9pro maxon +, a MXR 6-band EQ, EQ bands 100 MXR, a wah, a volume pedal and finally a tuner. The feature I like least is the number of loop. I need it most and that's why I intend to change. Apart from that I find this most excellent in terms of sound quality and robustness (it's damn solid) It is true that it is an expensive product but value for money is! (There only to see the number of pro guitarists who use this switcher! With experience if it was the only product in the range of course I do it again this choice. Mias range has evolved and I will soon opt G2 for the same brand that is downright the holy grail of guitar pedals loving and unwilling to compromise on sound.