DW Drums 7000
DW Drums 7000

7000, Single Bass Drum Pedal from DW Drums.

moosers 02/17/2011

DW Drums 7000 : moosers's user review


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The DW 7000 is a single bass drum pedal for use within the context of a full drum set. It's a light pedal and is really easy to kick down on it hard without applying an excess amount of pressure. I'm primarily not a drummer, but recently did a recording session where the drummer brought in this pedal as an extra option to what we have at the studio. He ended up using this as most drummers like to use their own pedal to feel comfortable, even though we weren't using his DW kick drum. I did get a chance to play it a little bit and was really impressed overall with it's ease of use. The sound is always going to be good when it comes to a DW bass drum pedal, as they're all pretty well built and have a proper sounding beater for sure. I don't know if I noticed any major differences in sound when compared to the DW 5000, but that is a superior pedal. The DW 7000 is also really solid and in most cases will do the job just fine for players. Unless you've already got a top of the line drum set (and a back up), it's probably not going to be necessary for you to spend a whole bunch of money on something like the DW 5000. This DW 7000 offers up a really solid option for drummers who want a kick drum pedal outside of their drum set but don't want to spend a ton of loot outside of what they've already spent on the kit itself. This is really all about comfort as it's great to have a kick drum pedal that you feel totally at ease with. I think a lot of drummers will find this in the DW 7000, so give it a shot if you're after a new kick drum pedal.