Yamaha FP9410
Yamaha FP9410

FP9410, Single Bass Drum Pedal from Yamaha.

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Pete_shifter 05/19/2005

Yamaha FP9410 : Pete_shifter's user review


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Small update with me:
I just bought an Axis (double). Well, I say bravo for Yamaha for a product that score much cheaper, there are all the qualities of an Axis pedals which is yet the most courted in the world!
It's been 10 years that I do the drumkit, I had never set foot on the right pedals also gniale.
Dj to have no string, it's top. The cam gives almost indescribable sensations. Precision, fast power (even playing shots emissions), flexibility, lgret ...
One has the impression of the foot directly connect the bat (especially since I played in socks).
The sole is longer than a bunch of other pedals, especially the Tama Iron Cobra.
L is nothing blocking the foot sole in the end, we can taler its major turning out the whole length: it IDAL for heel / toe (galre technique I go over all p dales that I used and I matrise instantanment on FP9410!). And when you're playing barefoot is aprciable not to have a piece of mtal just fuck toes.

I had read good things about the new Mapex Janus when I compared them at the time of purchase. There's no picture! The Janus parat heavy, like an Iron Cobra.
When I told the salesman that I chose the Yam ", he said," I shut sr. "

I'm not quite so tough when I use my RFLEX new pedals dtendre it's spring, which I did for Janus. For cons, the Yam is so easy that I just tightened the spring to earn even rapidly.
Thanks the pedals, I forgot my compltement galrien status of the bass drum. I feel free. Thank you Yamaha!

In the same kind of pedals, can be even better, are the Axis. But hard to find and much more Chres if we take the high-end version.

Pay 140 euros Bote rhythms Paris is an excellent deal. One of the best pedals in the world for a price often infrieur competition.