Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case
Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case

Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case, Pedalboard / PedalCase from Pedaltrain.

Eroachguitar 09/22/2012

Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case : Eroachguitar's user review

« Road-worthy solution for your pedals! »

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Pedaltrain have made a name for themselves in recent years as the go-to brand for basic, un-powered pedalboards that serve as the platform for guitarists building their own self-contained pedal arsenal. The Pedaltrain Pro is made of a durable, matte-black painted Aluminum alloy skeletal frame that fits into a custom, heavy-duty ATA case with an additional accessory compartment.

The Pedaltrain Pro also includes mounting brackets and screws for mounting your Pedal Power or similar sized AC/DC multi-power source solution to the under side of the Pedaltrain. At 32in x 16in surface area, you may have to add a second power supply before you run out of room for pedals! Pedaltrain's slanted design also makes pedal access an easier and more comfortable endeavor than simple flat boards.

The top surface is smooth and bare, allowing the builder to supply their own fastening medium when attaching their pedals to the board. Pedaltrain was generous enough to supply a couple of yards of velcro for those who would be satisfied with it, but I found 3M's Dual-Lock to be a much more viable solution. Velcro cowers in the presence of Dual-Lock the way a casual weightlifter cowers in the presences of a pro bodybuilder.

A recent trend in pedalboards has been to hard-wire the board with mounted locking Neutrik Jacks and Male AC power receptacle so that all the guitar player has to do is connect up their pedal snake and they're ready to rock. Unfortunately, the Pedaltrain's skeletal design makes clean installation of these things rather difficult, so going with a different brand or design may be the best route if that's what you want.

The hard case is indeed ATA quality, with ball corners, recessed butterfly latches, and foam rubber lining, although don't expect it to match up to the quality of, say, Anvil(what does? Anvil rocks!), but it's certainly freight-worthy. The entire thing gets heavy, especially with a fully-loaded pedalboard, so Pedaltrain thoughtfully put low-profile wheels on one end.

The price of the Pedaltrain Pro is somewhat steep when you consider it is merely a board and a case (as opposed to other similarly priced boards which sport built-in power and patch paths) but what you are paying for is durability and versatility that, in most cases, surpasses those other boards and their wimpy soft cases by a wide margin.