EastWest Steinway B
EastWest Steinway B

Steinway B, Piano Sample from EastWest.

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EastWest Steinway B : Anonymous 's user review


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Proposed format. Gig for Gigastudio
Actual size of the instrument and 1.6 GB Gig (900 MB)
can import it into Halion1.1 but with disappointing results
Perfect with Gigastudio 2.50.47 (Price from 02/20/1942)

No boucles.b (as in the poor samples Akai)

All notes have been sampled (88 notes)

no sounds programmed.

Stero 528 samples (6 stereo velocities)

3 with pedal
3 without pedal


The piano is a Steinway B sampled in 1995
(Model through concert at Steinway)

Steinway pianos are the best in the world with sound

These samples recreate the harmonics of the Steinway and mean
realistically the hammers strike the strings.

For the first time was under the fingers a real Piano sound and
more on his Steinway.

The Piano is a great source of Steinway registered in Switzerland
Hot Backgrounds by Olivier Truan.

I tested it with my master keyboard Kawai MP9000.

Steinway sound is 50 times better than the internal Kawai MP9000
But with the publisher GS intrument Giga I advise you to program
velocities depending on your ear and your game)

After setting - I fell backwards !!!!!!!-

Goodbye Roland A-90 - goodbye poor expanders Piano .....
Another story of computer music begins ....

With Gigastudio 2.50.47 with 256 MB and a processor from
1 GB card and GSIF - latency almost non-existent - not a click -
his hyper realistic - you can play live jazz or studies
Chopin -


past 2 years - better than the same author and the Bosendorfer
better than "the great" Steinberg I heard from a friend.
and the meilleir Gigapiano of Nemesys comes with Gigastudio

One of the best pianos at the time.

Prices in the 1000 FRF
Prices in CHF 3000 Gigastudio