Celemony Melodyne Assistant
Celemony Melodyne Assistant

Melodyne Assistant, Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

stompboxjon 01/13/2013

Celemony Melodyne Assistant : stompboxjon's user review

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Celemony Melodyne Assistant is probably the most affordable plug in that Celemony has come out with. It does not have all of the features of the main program but it will get you in the right direction. Plus you can still upgrade to the full Melodyne Studio or Melodyne editor later one if you choose to. This program is like a “go to” program for vocal tuning. It can get difficult to know exactly how on key your vocals are without software like this. Some people choose not to use pitch correction software like this because they feel it is not very natural. But all of the major studio’s use software like this to tune vocals. Most of the time the naked ear cannot tell the difference but to someone who is really involved with the musical process or understands how it should sound will know if your vocals are really on key or not.


The quality you will get with this program is great because it will not give you that computerized sounding vocals when correcting the pitch, as long as you are within a good proximity of the actually pitch it will correct it and you will not hear any what I like to call “breaking” but really it is just hearing the vocals being corrected and comes out really computerized (which is kind of the style now anyways).


Having software that can correct your pitch problems quickly is something every single home or major studio needs if you are recording vocals frequently because hardly anyone will ever have perfect pitch while singing. Now since this is the assistant version and not the full version you will not get all of the features that you will get with Melodyne Studio but you can still get enough out of the Assistant version and with the price that it cost you won’t have to spend too much money.