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AcmeBarGig Releases Tribe Clean Amp

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AcmeBarGig Tribe Clean Amp
News AcmeBarGig Tribe Clean Amp

Software Amp Simulator from AcmeBarGig

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Tribe is a clean amp, designed to give you pure, crystal clear clean tones.

Using technologies borrowed from AcmeBarGig’s Whisper and RedShift and with the ability to load the impulse response file of your choice, Tribe is designed to give out a smooth stream of constant clean tone.

Tribe came to be as a means of acoustic modeling. AcmeBarGig says that “The original idea was to place an IR in front of a clean amp and see what we could get. Well, that didn’t work perfectly, so we decided to take it in a slightly different direction. However, Tribe still has the features to allow you to experiment with this concept. If you have any knowledge of creating IR files, try creating some acoustic IRs and place them in tribe. You never know, you may find yourself able to model an acoustic after all.”


* Ability to load external pickup/acoustic guitar impulses.
* Includes 24 pickup models from RedShift.
* Has a powerful EQ, to allow you to sculpt your tone to suit your needs.
* Includes a built-in stereo imager.

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