Alien Connections Revalver

Revalver, Software Amp Simulator from Alien Connections.

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Slim_herve 06/27/2002

Alien Connections Revalver : Slim_herve's user review


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Installation without problem, no conflict, take the time to rgler DIFFERENT paramtres (buffer size, etc. ...), pdf file provided straightforward


I use it on a PIII 450 MHz with 256 RAM, 40 GB and a SBLive sound card
Functioning properly, but if using standard latency live mieuxest the use of plug-in in Cubase or Sonar.
Very easy to do all rgler sounds decent. Personally I used to magnify the recorded sounds from the amp. Clearly, I record the sound of the amp with a microphone and guitar with a direct box on another track. (Small tip for his death, clone the track and apply sound DIFFERENT each clone, guaranteed, but watch the CPU load that can rev up above)


I use it for 6 months
J'apprcie the multiplicity of choices available sounds, such as filters. I rgrte the obligation to a unit in the chain of prampli as a limited recording output of an amplifier or recording online. Latency is also quite important regrtable, I'll go to the ending for PIII 1 GHz with 512 of ram, I would see if this time is getting better.
The report quality price seems decent
I read in the last Recording Musician Hughes and Kettner out that a program of the same type (I forget his name), otherwise there is the Amp Farm Line is it seems trs well but the price is quite consquent and I wonder if that was not running on Mac.