BTE Audio Juicy 77 [Freeware]
BTE Audio Juicy 77 [Freeware]

Juicy 77 [Freeware], Software Amp Simulator from BTE Audio.

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Micky201 07/13/2006

BTE Audio Juicy 77 [Freeware] : Micky201's user review


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Installation is very simple: Copy the dll in the location of VSTS.


I work on a P4 3GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 80 GB SATA HD, M-Audio Delta 66.
I'm running on Cubase SL3.
Rating of performance, it is quite delicious, a little over 20% of CPU for instance. But hey, we can always do a mix-down.
From the perspective of stability, I note that it is preferable not to touch the EQ too, it then can create CARC. So it is best to play with all other parameters and for the equalization, the added per cubase on the track.


I use it since it came out.
Let's talk about her, well we have a simulation of mesa-boogie. I do not own this amp, but the results are very interesting:
In-clean: sound impressive, by varying the firms we obtain a range of very good quality sound.
In-distortion: sound saturates very hard, mesa-boogie what.

It has different parameters that can influence the sensitivity and sound quality. In short, there is something fun.

A very strong adviser.