IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix Edition
IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix Edition

Amplitube Jimi Hendrix Edition, Software Amp Simulator from IK Multimedia in the Amplitube series.

tarrtime 12/19/2012

IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix Edition : tarrtime's user review

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Amplitube Jimi Hendrix is an expansion pack for IK Multimedia Amplitube. With the introduction of Amplitube Custom Shop, individual amp models in this package can be purchased separately rather than as a bundle.
IKM Amplitube is a software plug-in that can be used inside a DAW, and can also be used as a stand-alone plug-in.
The Jimi Hendrix expansion pack is full of vintage and rare amp models of the same gear tha Jimi Hendrix used while recording his famous guitar sounds.


I have listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix in my life, a learned to play the guitar in part by learning a lot of his songs. However, I am not necessarily a Jimi Hendrix gear-head. I wish there were a few more amp models included in this package. However, I guess its possible that Hendrix didn't use that many different amps while he recorded. Nonetheless, when I think about this expansion pack, I mostly think of it more as a vintage gear package, so if there were a few more vintage amps available then great. I probably should fault IKM for trying to be true to the Jimi Hendrix gear selection.


The amp models in Amplitube Jimi Hendrix are some that you will not find anywhere else. The Fender amps are super cool for adding a touch of drive/saturation for blues-rock rhythm guitar work. The Marshall JTM100 is amazing for vintage lead sounds. My favorite part of the bundle is the collection fuzz pedals. The pedals included are perfect for a raw, old-school vibe. Most other amp sim software (Guitar Rig 5, Pod Farm, etc) only include models of Fuzz Face and Big Muff Pi pedals. If you want that real-deal fuzz sound, this collection as some amazing models. My biggest complaint with all Amplitube products is the post-effects. They really need to include some better old school effects models (Pye Compressor and Helios Eq, Plate Reverb, etc.)