IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX

Ampeg SVX, Software Amp Simulator from IK Multimedia.

phenix! 06/05/2007

IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX : phenix!'s user review


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I do not have, I just had the chance to try this Ampeg amp simulation.

The interface is simple, clear and accessible.Ici, there is no 40 amp models and cabinets and 20 effects.
4 amp models-quality effects + 7 a volume pedal, incidentally a tuner and a metronome, and There's already a lot of fun and food for pofiner sound.
(May be missing a parametric equation, but hey, that's my little personal whim ...)

If not, contrary to what is stated in the notice below, the Ampeg SVX runs STAND ALONE!


On the computer when I tried it, no worries, it will run, lz soft does not seem to be too resource hungry.

It looks to me stable and very functional.


I play with a Fernandes, mounted with active EMG pickups, I'm not a bassist, it's just an instrument that I love and with which I record in my small sketches, rarely more.
However, I have had a Bass Attack Hartke from home, and PC, I worked with a Line6 Toneport UX2 from home and a freeware Helian 1stbass (nice but very limited).

Well, it's this plug-in I was most excited, what a sound! one would believe! more realistic than anything I've tried, and it really means There's carving his own sound.
Here, choose a preset, it starts to ring immediately, unlike Line6 where you have to spend hours adjusting the settings to achieve something to correct or not too bad in the best case.
The simulation is certainly a little fewer than Line6 (although the Toneport y'en there are only 5) but they sound warmer and more realistic.
And here you can really choose enter a very distinctive sound Ampeg (SVT3pro style) or contrary to something more transparent as models and settings.

In short, I conquered, and finally a simulation for bass that sounds great to me.
The best I've experienced (along with the bass amp simus are few in software, unlike the guitar electric.

Try it, really, if you're never quite satisfied with your bass sound recording ...