Line 6 POD Farm
Line 6 POD Farm

POD Farm, Software Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Farm series.

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Line 6 Pod Farm Updated To v1.1

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Line 6 has updated POD Farm to v1.1 (the associated device drivers for all supported devices have also been updated - Win: v3.4.3.6 / Mac: v4.1.0).

Changes in POD Farm v1.1
  • Various USB unplug issues with Line 6 hardware - FIXED.
  • Loading POD Farm iLok in 64-bit Steinberg DAWs causes VST Bridge Crash - FIXED.
  • Model drag & drop not functioning in 64-bit Steinberg applications - FIXED.
  • Host Sync button sometimes doesn't properly save within DAW - FIXED.
  • Model Sync button sometimes doesn't properly save within DAW - FIXED.
  • Speed knob does not affect Random Sample & Hold model - FIXED.
  • Input/Output gain knob settings not saved within DAW - FIXED.
  • POD Farm settings saved in DAWs reset to "Default" tone when no dongle is detected - FIXED.
  • Plug-in does not present a notification when a device has been disconnected - FIXED.
  • Mixer View source menu requires manual reset when switching out of Dual Tone (ToneDirect Only) - FIXED.
  • POD Farm for iLok incurs unexpectedly high CPU usage (Win Only) - FIXED.
  • AU Val failure for some DAWs (Mac Only) - FIXED.
  • Instrument 2 input not shown as a valid input in dual tone (UX8 Only) - FIXED.

This version of the Line 6 device drivers addresses the following issue:
  • Clicks and pops may be heard while various OS events are occurring (Win/UX8 Only) - FIXED.

This version of the Line 6 device control panel addresses the following issues:
  • Mixer forgets pan settings for linked faders (UX8 Only) - FIXED.
  • UX8 control panel input selections may come up blank & not pass audio (UX8 Only) - FIXED.
  • "ASIO Record Sends" blank on 9-12 when GearBox/POD Farm running (Mac/UX8 Only) - FIXED.

The new installer includes these components:
  • POD Farm plug-in (v1.10) for RTAS and VST.
  • POD Farm standalone application (v1.10), with support for POD Studio, TonePort and GuitarPort.
  • POD Farm Basic User Guide (v1.1).
  • Device drivers (Win: v3.4.3.6 / Mac: v4.1.0) for all supported devices.
  • Driver Control Panel for Line 6 devices (v3.36).
  • Line 6 Monkey intelligent updater (v1.27).
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