Matthias Becker Cortex [Freeware]
Matthias Becker Cortex [Freeware]

Cortex [Freeware], Software Amp Simulator from Matthias Becker.

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zotri 12/22/2005

Matthias Becker Cortex [Freeware] : zotri's user review


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- Easy installation as all VSTs

- No incompatibility as little software I use (Kristal)

- The simulation SETTING THE prampli are as simple as a .. prampli with few options in addition to the genre to choose between two models of equalizer, choose whether you want a transistor or rather its lights (the sound of "lights" is uh .. not even convincing when trs) .
I put a little more time understanding the simulation SETTING THE HP. But with the manual in PDF ptit is Tlcharger with, everything goes well.
I confess that I have not tried the same effects.

I put 8 because even when the programming of four HPs could be simpler.


- I have an Athlon 1.6 Ghz with 256 MB of RAM and a sound card shit.

- Cortex works fine but when both plug-ins are on (the amp simulation and the simulation of HP, I hear), a food 1 / 5 of my poor CPU. So greedy for a VST.
However, for an amp simulation is as a food frquent as a (jme remember GreenMachine an example)

- You can choose between "High" and "Low" Quality, however, allowing resources to lower solicited. But the sound is sometimes trs diffrent in Low and High quality (especially for HP). There's not really of interest to be Low.

I put 6 to amme if I am aware that my CPU is relatively feeble.


- I did not test every angle, frankly I Tlcharger yesterday. I have not tried the same effects that are in the pack, only simus amp and HP.

- The amp simulation only gives her a little rotten. It offers a lot of when rglages same, and that work fairly well at that. There is a rglage or we can choose the proportion of transistors and lamps in the prampli. The sound of the lamp is not any convincing trs, m'enfin good, was used.
When we add the simulation of HP (oldlab) behind, has become the norm. If we take the time rgler everything was good about the results in clean and distorted sound. I would say that these same plugs arrive at the GuitarSuite of Simulanalog.
Note: you can make good use trs OldLab APRS any other VST. For example, I never tried the verse of the JCM900 GuitarSuite but must be a lot ^ ^

- Qualitprix? huahahah

Come on, let's go for a 10/10. What's free, has a worth ^ ^

[edit] That said, the simulation of HP not called "OldLab" but "OldCab" as "Office" in English (or amricain?)