Overloud Mark Studio 2
Overloud Mark Studio 2

Mark Studio 2, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud.

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el rey del guacamole 08/01/2014

Overloud Mark Studio 2 : el rey del guacamole's user review

«  Finally a good vst for bass. »

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Installation is very simple. Received by the download file is launched, the DLL file is slid in VST and voila. A PDF manual is provided in case but I did not need to open ...


I use this software with a PC laptop asus core i7 2.4Ghz 4700HQ 3.4GHz turbo with 16G of RAM and SSD 256G all with RME Babyface card. So a pulsating config.
The software runs perfectly as a standalone or as VST in Ableton Live. No bug in one mode or the other. VST mode, the software is not very greedy It just may be the config but you have to put a helluva lot before seeing the CPU alarm.


I use it for more than six months. The trial version can be downloaded from the site for free, but requires an internet connection. Otherwise it will turn off after 10 min.
I highly recommend to try to get an idea. I tried the Line 6 Guitar Rig and Amplitube that do not take all the comparison on the register of bass amp versions. There was anything other than old granny Ampeg no variety. The sound is there now.
I branch off on a low Sansamp (ie DI mode) but even in the input jack it works perfectly.
I played on a lot of systems (Fender, Hartke, Peavey, SWR ...) and I think its really the nickel. I had some opportunities to play on the Markbass but not enough to claim that they sound the same or not, I do not know. on the other hand, noise level I do not even regret my head SWR 550X which nevertheless already filled me with happiness.
It has six heads with quite different sounds: two vintage lamps oriented heads and four other modern hybrids or transistors. The settings are different depending heads: passive equalization, active, parametric or graphic, filters etc ....
Several different speakers 4x8, 2x10, 4x10, 6x10, 8x10, 1x12, 4x12, 1x15, 2x15. Several different microphones and a combination of two microphones; several parameters on investment levels tweeters, Room etc. ... And there are in addition to five effects quite well chosen namely: compression, octave, envelope filter, distortion and stereo chorus.
You can order easily by twelve o'clock the pedal on / off pedals or even the positions of knobs, at least with Ableton Live.

What I like:
-The very convincing sound that offers a good range: mediator, slap, fretless, its really bad drive, its a little tracey eliott v with a clearly audible compression, sounds old softer and so on.
-The controls and settings do not sound gadget.
-Bit CPU intensive.
We shall not scultper thousand years to his sound.
-A lot of configs, but ...

Not-config baffle 4x10 +1 x15 or 2x10 +1 x15.
-The filter envelope is not marked enough for my taste and the volume of output takes a big hit.