Scuffham S-Gear
Scuffham S-Gear

S-Gear, Software Amp Simulator from Scuffham in the S-Gear series.

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otavioreis 05/22/2011

Scuffham S-Gear : otavioreis's user review

«  Too too good!! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Super easy installation and configuration.
No need for manual, but it exists and it is clear.


I have a i7. I did not find this software super greedy. I think he has very good performance without asking too much processor.

It is super stable too.


- Very nice interface, intuitive and simple ... I would say he is sober, simple and effective.

- In general, I find it very good! Good dynamics, good precision with warmth and clarity when needed. From the perspective of the simulation quality amps, I think it exceeds TH2 and Revalver (which were my references). It has fewer side effects, it is true, but I did not fail. I find the sound of the amps very very very nice.

- It sounds at once (at least on my config)! In general, the presets are very good. With me, it also sounds like the demos. They have been honest on the site. It is true that some presets sound card, but it is marginal next to a majority of presets that sounds great.

- There are just 3 amps, but these three amps have multiple settings and finally we have a huge sonic palette. One has the impression of seeing a dozen. There is something for everyone, but I found that it is unbeatable in the register bluesy.

- Simulations of HP are very good (Redwirez forces), the time is very good too.

- Great value for money.

- I have not really found negative points.