TSE Audio X50 v2
TSE Audio X50 v2
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The TSE X50 v2 is now a complete guitar suite

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TSE has upgraded its X50 emulation of US guitar amp and you can purchase it at a discounted price for one month.

Now in version 2.3, X50 still features the emulations of the Red channel of two famous US amps. TSE remodeled them to add interconnected algorithms.

This new version now allows you to use a complete suite of effects and features for your guitar sound, including:

  • TSE808: an updated version of the famous TubeScreamer with reworked odd harmonics
  • Rack: an EQ, a delay and a tuner
  • Noise gate with adjustable threshold, attack and release
  • DaFuk Tuner: a tuner for drop-tuned guitars
  • King-Pong: a pong and asymmetrical stereo delay
  • Aqualaser: an EQ with high and low pass, high and low shelf and peak filters
  • Choose between 6l6GC or EL34 pentode tubes
  • Bias control
  • 2x to 8x oversampling and automatic oversampling from 2x to 4x and 4x to 8x
  • Input Learn: define an automatic setting for the input gain
  • IR Loader with adjustable IR length
  • IR Analyzer to graphically compare the IR length and frequency response
  • Define custom IR folder
  • Movement control: power amp to speaker emulation with your favorite IRs
  • Includes IR created by Frozen Sun Audio, Trackmix Studio, GuitarHarck and Ryan Harvey Audio


The X50 v2 is available in VST and AU 32 and 64-bit for Mac OS X and Windows. Its regular price is 49.99€ but TSE offers a decreasing discount for one month as follows:

  • From September 29th to October 5th: 29.99€ (-40%)
  • October 6-12: 34.99€ (-30%)
  • October 13-19: 39.99€ (-20%)
  • October 20-26: 44.99€ (-10%)

You can download a feature-restricted demo version at www.tseaudio.com.


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