Waves Mondo Mod
Waves Mondo Mod

Mondo Mod, Software Chorus from Waves.

Hatsubai 07/17/2011

Waves Mondo Mod : Hatsubai's user review

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Achieving those AM and FM modulation sounds isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Way back when, I was using my pickups and a wah to act as an antenna to get some sort of sweep recorded in my DAW. That was before I knew about plugins like this. This allows you to get that AM and FM modulation sound like you're tuning a radio. The plugin has adjustments for auto or manual tempo syncing, modulation rate in Hz, modulation rate in BPM, x-factor modulation multiplier, waveform selection between square, saw up, saw down or triangle, AM depth fader, AM module, AM phase, rotation center, rotation range, rotation enabler, FM depth, FM on/off, FM phase, output gain and more. To enable this, simply enable it on whatever buss you want to use it on inside of your DAW. I never read the manual, so I can't comment on that, but they're usually fairly helpful if you have any questions regarding how things work.


I've never experienced a single issue while running these plugins, and I don't really expect to. Waves is pretty famous for being one of the best companies when it comes to overall stability and performance. The plugins are always rock solid. The plugins themselves are cross platform compatible, so both OS X and Windows users alike can utilize these without any issues. It also doesn't take up too much RAM, which is a huge plus. There is one issue, however. This is a 32 bit plugin, and I'm not a huge fan of the way my DAW implements these. My DAW is a 64 bit DAW, and for me to use these, it launches a special bridge application. It's a bit annoying as they disappear while in the background. I'm hoping that Waves updates these in the future so I don't have to keep using this app. I've been using the Waves bundle for the past six or so months, and it's been one of the best purchase decisions I've ever made.


Using plugins like this sure beats having to do it manually with some makeshift antenna. The uses for this are fairly limited as it's not a common effect, but when you need it, it's a godsend. I find it interesting that more people don't use this effect; they usually opt for something like a flanger instead. I'm guessing it's due to the lack of versatility.