Elogoxa Elottronix [Freeware]
Elogoxa Elottronix [Freeware]

Elottronix [Freeware], Software Delay/Echo from Elogoxa.

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moosers 05/18/2010

Elogoxa Elottronix [Freeware] : moosers's user review


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Elogoxa's Elottronix is a free piece of software in the format of a VST based plug-in. I don't use this plug-in any more as I used to run it in Cubase SX on a PC and I now run Pro Tools LE on a Mac. As far as installing the plug-in. as long as you have the right platform to use the plug-in, you should be all set. The interface is broken up into two main sections called 'line 1' and 'line 2,' which is basically just two separate channels for affecting the sound. Each of them has parameters for decay, loop, pitch oscillator, and waveform type. There is also an Elottronix XL which has more parameters and is a lot more in depth. This does take some time to get used to because of this unique make up for a delay, but it's fairly straight forward once you get the hang of it. They typically don't make manuals for free plug-ins, but I haven't seen one if they do have one.


Since I made the jump from a PC to a Mac, I no longer run Elottronix. When I did a couple of years ago I did so on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 note book with a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. This was enough for me to run Cubase SX 2.0 and 3 with this plug-in quite smoothly. I can't ever say I had a problem running this plug-in, but I should say that I didn't use it in excess and only had a need for one or two at most within a session. Since it's free there's no harm in trying it out for yourself.


Being that this is a free plug-in, I'd recommend that anyone with a PC and a VST platform Elogoxa Elottronix give this one a try. While it isn't something that I might have paid for, I'm glad that I had it when I did as it was something unique to play around with. Out of the various free VST delay plug-ins that I used to run in Cubase SX on my old PC, this was one of my favorite. While it wasn't the best for me to go to if I was looking for some traditional delay (although this can be subtle as well), for something a bit out of the ordinary, I' definitely recommend giving it a whirl if you're able to do so.