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iZotope's new DDLY is free - for now...

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iZotope DDLY
News iZotope DDLY

Software Delay/Echo from iZotope

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Public price: $49 incl. VAT
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iZotope has released DDLY, a new delay plugin which is available for free - but only for the next 30 days.

iZotope has released DDLY, a new effects plugin that is said to aim at helping to achieve a cleaner, more complex sound than a traditional full-signal delay plug-in.

DDLY Dynamic Delay is designed to respond to the track´s musical dynamics to create versatile and intriguing delays. It is described as “a one-of-a-kind effects plug-in that delays the signal differently depending on the character of the sound” while keeping the sound clear and distinct.

DDLY is made to react optimally with sources with a strong dynamic range and expressiveness such as drum tracks and vocals.

Full features include:

  • Two delays in one: DDLY analyzes your audio based on an adjustable threshold to determine what to send to the top delay and what to send to the bottom delay. Adjust the Intensity to affect how strongly the signal is split between the two—great for a punchy delay on the harder, transient crack of your drums and a shuffling delay on the main beat elements. 
  • Customizable delay: Both delays have two modes to choose from, Analog (which produces warm lo-fi delays with smearing and degradation) and Grain (producing melodic, symphonic and futuristic sounds for novative soundscapes).
  • Responsive interface: The interface of DDLY reacts to the material it’s applied to, providing real-time visual feedback.
  • Automatable: DDLY can be set up with automation in your audio host, to engage the dynamic delay on your mix when you want it to and back off when you need the raw material to shine.

And the greatest news is – DDLY is available now and completely free until March 9th, after which it will be priced $49 – so don’t delay your registration for too long.

More details available at iZotope’s website.

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