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Lexicon PS42 & PSP 84 Updated

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PSP Audioware 84
News PSP Audioware 84

PSP Audioware announced that new versions of the Lexicon PSP42 (v. 1.6.0) and PSP 84 (v. 1.6.0) have been released - a free update for registered users.

Due to technical limitations newest version of the PSP 42 and 84 are available in the non ilok version only.

New features:
1. AudioUnit supports MAC 64bit (x86_64) natively.
2. GUI is Cocoa-based (no more Carbon). Audio application capable of hosting AudioUnits with Cocoa view is needed to run AU. Minimum system requirement for AU is OSX 10.5.
3. Plug-in has been built with new version of graphic library and benefits from event-driven architecture.
4. New version of presetbar is used. It allows for setting default bank and preset by double-clicking on 'bank’ or 'preset’ at the bottom bar.
5. Plug-in uses chunks to save its state in session file. Entire bank is restored on load.

Registered users can log in to their account at PSP Registration Center to find download links to newest versions and their new authorization details.

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