Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman
Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman

Ohmicide:Melohman, Software Distortion/Overdrive from Ohm Force.

sonicsnap 03/13/2013

Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman : sonicsnap's user review


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Easy to install as a plug-in authorization and very "user friendly".
Was first setting the input level. Then you can already apply a distortion to the signal without affecting its dynamics ("pre distortion"). Button "Stereo link" determines whether the level considered for the dynamic part of the effect will be that the sum of the two channels or each channel separately.
Ohmicide is a multi-band effect. Three knobs thus determine the frequency limits of each of the four bands. All the following settings are therefore available for each band separately.
It was initially a noise gate. Then, for the dynamic part, the knob "Shape" which serves particular compressor (it raises low levels without overwriting levels) on one side and the other expander, "Body" determines the intensity the action of "Shape".
Then there are the parameters that affect the distortion itself. There is a choice between 37 algorithms declined in three versions each or 111 types of distortions! Plus: The knob "Alt" changes the color of his and "Bias" adds a DC offset, which gives sound particularly "destroy". Finally "Gain" distortion increases without varying level excessively.
This is followed by a simulation of feedback (or feedback) that can adjust the sensitivity, frequency and the stereo image.
We finally arrived at the party with mixer volume fader and pan, but also a small knob "dry / wet". Note the presence of the button "Side" which determines for each channel if the effect works in stereo mode or middle / sides (I confess that I have never understood the value of the thing.) There is also each track button "solo" button and a "mute" handy.
Once mixed the four bands, the sound is still through a resonant lowpass filter. We finally have a "dry / wet" and a general output level.
Conclude this overview by noting if necessary, all parameters can be controlled via MIDI and plug-in that has the system "Melohman" that allows morphing from one preset to another with speed control transition . Presets that are also present in large quantities and categorized by genre.


Never had any problems running or stability on my Mac Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8 and Digital Performer. CPU consumption is very low. A plug-in well designed, so ..


I owned and used this for a little over three years. I have in my "toolbox" a number of plug-ins distortion quality in D16, Audio Damage, U-He, more a series of small pedals, practice often offered by Digital Performer. But Ohmicide is undoubtedly what is more powerful for this type of effect. First, the multiplicity of algorithms, but also by the available settings. Emphasize the importance of the dynamic part (the knobs "Shape" and "Body") which preserves transients even with a high level of distortion.
Of course, all this is a little more complex to set a small pedal. That is why, taking advantage of times when I had a little time, I prepared presets "types" and as versatile as possible, that I can call when needed, without having to start all over. Often I have only adjust the width of the bands as a function of its start.
Ohmicide is also comfortable in the extreme effects in the saturation soft, just noticeable. For my part, I use it mostly on synth sounds a little tear for them or just give them a little "potato". In fact, I literally rediscovered some of my synths (Absynth as example) teach them a little distortion at Ohmicidienne behind. In practice, I finally have a little small for some algorithms such as "Attractor" (standard) for synths or "Hop" (as standard) for bass. I also sometimes use this effect on the vote.
A word on the generator feedback. I admit that I am fairly served. However, we can draw some pretty interesting by manipulating settings by noon.
But overall, and total Ohmicide is a plug-in that I run often, offering great sounds and I still have not finished making the turn.