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Thread Guitarist looking for good accompaniment tool

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1 Guitarist looking for good accompaniment tool
I tried posting this in the Newbie forum, but got no responses after a few days, so will try here ;)

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this forum and am hoping to get some feedback and direction. I've been looking to get an accompaniment tool like the yamaha QY100 that will allow me to practice with backing tracks including drums, bass and keys. The appeal of the QY100 is the all in 1 package and the price range. It also promises to be fairly easy to pickup and start using. The reason I hesitate is this product has been on the market for more than 5 years and am curious as to what else is out there that might be a better choice. I plan to buiild out a home studio over time, so would liek to use this with a midi keyboard controller at some point to allow easier realtime control etc. Also planning to do some PC based recording at some point. So... does anyone have experience with this product? Are there better choices with my goals in mind? Thanks in advance.
You should maybe check out Band In A Box from pgmusic.com .. I am using it and it's great! Has RealDrums and other nice features. Very nice not only for practice, but also for composing, etc. I highly recommend it.

Yes i agree. Band in a Box works well.